Paradox of Medieval Scotland 1093 - 1314

[Image: Seal Palimpsest]


The applications available in this section are 'quick hacks' and public previews of new features that haven't yet been fully developed. They are here mainly so to foster discussion and guide the development of further ideas.

In general, the concept behind these applications is to research alternative and more engaging ways to explore the vast range of materials the PoMS database makes available. For example, this can be achieved thanks to charts and diagrams that focus on some specific aspect of the data, or by using more interactive visualizations that allow moving from one record to another according to predefined pathways.
Using a metaphor, we could say that we want our users to (re)discover the stories that make up the PoMS universe!

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Currently the only platforms supported by this section of the site are desktop computers running the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.

This is not a design decision but just a practical one: the experimental nature of these tools meant that in most cases we have not had any time to do any proper cross-browser testing, or make sure the software works on all platforms (e.g. mobile devices). Whenever we will decide to develop these applications further, we will make sure they get tested across a higher number of platforms and browsers.

In the meantime, we invite users to try out the Labs section using either Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.

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More info

These tools have been designed and developed by Michele Pasin.
A poster paper at the Digital Humanities 2012 conference presents some of these experimental tools within a more academic context.
A more general introduction to the Labs idea can also be found on this blog post.